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Title: Clay′s Off The Side
Ink Jet Print
(Includes Matt)
Frame: Framed
Unit Price:$50.00
(Add $50.00 for framing)
Unit S&H: Canada: $15.00
(Add $25.00 if framed)
U.S.A.: $17.00
(Add $35.00 if framed)

Art Card
Unit Price:$2.00
Unit S&H: Canada: $1.00
U.S.A: $1.50
TOTAL: $65.00 each
The above total includes shipping to Canada

TOTAL: $3.00 each
The above total includes shipping to Canada.
All prices in Canadian Dollars (CAD).
We use the PayPal System for Credit Card Processing.
We ship all items by Canada Post. Allow for 3 to 4 weeks for delivery.
Please select your framing preference and your shipping
destination and click on "Calculate Total"
before adding an item your your shopping cart.
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For all purchases outside Canada and the U.S.A., please click here to contact Jon directly.
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