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Jon Bowie Jon Bowie
Rancher, Photographer & Cowboy Poet

Jon Bowie Jon was raised and still lives on the family ranch in the Great Sandhills near the small town of Piapot (near Maple Creek) in the southwest corner of Saskatchewan. They have a cow/calf operation where they raise commercial and purebred Hereford cattle. They also put Longhorn bulls in with their heifers for ease in calving. Jon has been writing humourous Cowboy Poetry since 1997 and has been performing since 1998.

His first poetry gathering was in Maple Creek (held annually on the 3rd weekend in September) and since then Jon has appeared at gatherings and functions across Western Canada and he has even made a few forays into the U.S. to share his brand of humour. Jon published his first book in 2001 titled Roadapple Ramblings. It can be ordered directly from him, the website, or through Coles Bookstores (they may even have a copy on the shelf!!) at a cost of $14.95 Can. or $11.95 U.S. Jon is also available for your social function, just let him know where and when you need him!!!

Jon is a lifetime member of the Alberta Cowboy Poetry Association. Since his first child was born in 2007, Jon has had less time for writing and as a hobby, Jon started to take photographs and awoke a new creative side to himself. Thanks to a lot of positive feedback from close friends and family, Jon took a leap of faith and set up a booth of his photos and art cards at the Maple Creek Cowboy Poetry gathering in 2008. Due to a great amount of interest from the general public, he hasnít looked back. His favorite subject matter to write about and photograph is the unique area he grew up in and the people and cowboy culture he has spent his life around.

He can be contacted by e-mail Phone 306-558-4408 or snail mail at P.O. Box 69 Piapot Sk. S0N 1Y0.

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